Luna is a diviner and healer in the truest sense. She holds a deep respect and love for the Kontomble, and her connection and devotion open the pathways to a truly magical and wondrous experience! You will laugh, feel your heart burst open, be held with the utmost care and compassion, and find real wisdom and guidance for your life. She has the incredible gift to speak and translate the messages of the little people with clarity, poignancy, and joy. If you have never worked with the Kontomble, Luna is a wise and loving guide who will make you feel right at home with her gentle presence. The messages I received were deeply healing for my heart and gave me much needed insight and direction in my life. I believe the medicine she carries and the wisdom of the Kontomble are essential for humanity and for the planet at this time. Give yourself the gift of deep remembering in working with her. It will change everything.

— Cassandra Lees, Pipe carrier in the Ollinhuatlimetztli and Chicuauhtlimetztli Moondance lineage

My experience receiving a divination with Luna spoke directly to the layers and levels of my being that needed to be seen, heard and tended. The energy that came through, even from a distance was palpable, much like gentle waves of affirmation that intensified as the end of our session neared. It was that night I had a dream that I soon won’t forget, asserting that our work brought just the nourishment and care that I needed.

— Sarah

I really felt a weight lifted each time I got a divination from you. I feel so much more in tune and my mental load is lighter. I feel safe and it’s easier to listen to myself now that I have had confirmation from the kontomble. I really enjoy talking with you and them and I can’t stop smiling when I think back to the sessions. I am excited about something that I used to be scared of due to religious trauma. I am so happy to be reconnecting with myself and spirit in this way.

— Kandace Layne, Tattoo artist and mystic

Luna is an open heart and grounding force for both energy work and voice coaching. I personally love how she blends the two, as my voice is a connection to my heart and emotions and unblocking this gateway is proving very powerful for me! I am delighted to have found someone as embodied, aware, and compassionate as Luna to have as a teacher and guide along my journey. We work on basic scales, vocal exercises and techniques, to give guidance on how to strengthen and work with my voice. We also invariably end up doing energy clearing, as emotions or other things come up, and I appreciate her ability to work with what is there and meet me where I am at. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to work with their voice, or their voice as a gateway to other potential healings.

— Juliette Sutherland

I had the most expansive voice session with Luna today. The container she creates is truly safe and trusting. I accessed a part of myself that lie waiting for some time now. Gratitude. If sound and song are calling to you, reach out to her today!

— Alyssa of Sentient Sisterhood