Kontomble Divination

This session provides an opportunity to speak with and receive guidance from the Otherworldly beings known as kontomble. While I have primary kontombles who work with me who are associated with Water and Nature, it is not uncommon for guidance from ancestors, wedame, other kontomble (including ones who might walk with you), and other beings to come through as well.

Being neurodivergent msyelf, I approach sessions through a trauma-informed lens.

While you can ask anything you want, popular topics are:

life purpose, expresssing your authentic self, emotional healing, relationships, ancestry, advice about a particular situation or juncture in your life, etc.

Divinations can be highly transformative. You may feel slightly altered during and after, so please allow yourself some time afterwards to integrate. It is also possible that you may receive a ritual prescription in order to fully connect the intention of the divination with the manifestation in the physical realm.

Couples’ divinations are also welcome at the same cost.

Please prepare 2-3 questions and have a pen and paper available to take notes as this meeting will not be recorded. (they may have a lot to tell you right away, but it helps to have some questions ready just in case)

$100 for approximately 30-45 minute reading.

I also offer shamanic reiki, a slighlty modified version of reiki that the kontomble have told me is more natural and organic than modern reiki.

$100 for Kontomble healing/shamanic reiki session, approximately 45 minutes.

*All sessions are held remotely via Zoom or Google Meet

I accept voice (healing and self-expression focused) and piano (classical and composition) students on a case by case basis, please email for more information.

Please send payment via Venmo to @twelvenames at the time of booking to confirm your appointment.

Cancellations are accepted within 48 hours, after that, there are no refunds.

By booking you acknowledge that these sessions are for entertainment purposes only and that Luna/Twelve Names is not responsible for any actions you choose to take based on these sessions. Must be 18 or older.